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Short form for ecstasy. Ecstasy refers to MDMA, however most modern day ecstasy is just MDA or MDEA. MDMA is a party drug used by some who attend raves, clubs, concerts, spiritual sessions, etc. MDMA is not very physically addicting, however it depletes seritonin at a rapid rate which causes the high. This causes the user to feel depressed for a period of time after taking the drug. Heavy abuse of the drug has been proven to cause permanent brain damage (not government endorsed). Brain damage may be avoided by moderation and the use of seritonin building supplments such as 5HTP. MDMA was found to have very positive psychological qualities during medical testing but the fact it could be abused is what caused it to be banned.
Jimjim was arrested for having E when the pigs raided.
by fu March 30, 2003
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the letter that comes after D
a, b, c, d, e <--------- there!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
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A slang term for the drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy, x, Emos, e-mazing, or the love drug. E comes in pills, gell caps, or liquid form. Pure MDMA is extremely hard to come by, and most E is part MDMA, part speed/coke/meth/heroine. The effects are different depending on what kind of E it is (what is in it other than MDMA). I'd say this is my drug of choice, just because the trip is awesome. It can be very obvious that you're tripping on it, though, as your pupils pretty much swallow your eyes, you usually talk a lot and very fast, and people usually grind their teeth or do other repetitive actions with, most often, their jaws and fingers. A loss of appetite is also experienced. E is pressed into different amounts in pill form: single-stacked, double-stacks, and triple-stacks. If you don't want to become a burnout E-tard, I'd recommend spacing out your E trips; Popping E too often can result in loss of memory, lack of intelligence, and eventually your brain will be fried. E can be taken orally (popping/dropping E), or the pill-form can be ground up and inhaled through the nose (bucking/snorting). When popped, E takes anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours to kick in, give or take. Bucking E kicks the trip in faster, but the effects also wear off faster. The average E trip lasts around 4 to sometimes up to 8 hours. The crash is horrible, though: depression, stupidity, slowness, exhaustion, sometimes dizziness and sickness. I'd say the coming down is well worth the trip, however.
Beth and I bucked E last night, and we were trippin' almost right away. The high only lasted like 3 and a half hours though...but then we popped 2 more caps each, so it's all good!
by radioslut* June 08, 2005
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n. A drug (Ecstasy or MDMA) widely used by individuals who attend raves. It's effects give the user a rush of emotional happiness. E releases a chemical called serotonin into the brain which cause most people to open their thoughts and feelings without hesitation. Ecstasy is the choice of drug in the Asian scene and makes girls horny as fuck. However, a male under the influence of ecstasy may become temporarily impotent.
I can't pop a boner when I'm on E so I popped a tylenol instead.
by jchc May 30, 2005
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(Usuall italicized)
The limit of the expression (1+1/n)^n as n becomes infinitely large, and the base of natural logarithms. An irrational number, approximately equal to 2.71828182846. e is also known as Euler's number, for Leonhard Euler.
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
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a number that, when raised to the x power, is the derivative and antiderivative of itself.

d(e^x)/dx = e^x, sucka.
?(e^x)dx = e^x + C. Holla at calculus, biotch.

e can be represented by the infinite series 1+1/1!+1/2!+1/3!+1/4!.....

e is the base for natural logarithms.

the e root of e has a higher value than any number in the form of "n root of n." (approximately 1.44467)

e to the square root of negative pi (an imaginary number) amazingly equals -1, a real number.

To the 9th decimal place is 2.718281828.
e is a cool number. It's almost as cool as a hoobajoob.
by Calculicious December 20, 2003
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Another Lads sayin.

This is a shortened 'eyyyyyy' its pronounced like 'e' asin the children alphabet, its not a capital letter,its low case. its not pronouced 'e dot' or 'E.' or written as a capital.

Although the dot is there, and it does have to be there, it is ignored.

Its in the 'chinns n grinns', 'chinnwag', 'eoc.' 'just general' 'f'tlads' and 'urban treat' series

But is infact an origional.
its sort of like an agreeing word, like if uve made a fair point, or a good joke, or if i cant fault u.

You sorta raise your hand at them aswell to show uve 'given em it'

its kind of respect, and its like to show u aknowledge them

N it sounds like ur gonna say eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but u missed the y's off.

So its quick n snappy

u can also say it in an aqward situation, or if your stuck for words, e.

Oh yeah its strictly british, americans just wouldnt understand.
'ey up son' said dave
'now then' replied chinnyman
'you watch partridge last night?' asked dave
'e.' replied chinnyman

'open your planers, its science homework!' said mr atkisnon
'e.' Nello replied
by marcston mate January 02, 2008
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