1. He's the guy who can't get into Charles Barley's MyFive.
2. NBA player with seemingly magic powers.
Dwyane Wade worked his magic again. Kirk Hinrich was called for his third personal foul and they haven't even come out for the National Anthem yet.
by TomBoerwinkle April 19, 2007
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Wow, what can u say about dwyane wade. He is definetely the best playa in the NBA, i dont care about what u hear about melo,Lebron,iverson, or all of Kobe's 50 point games, thats just all bologna. They all score so much cause they are all ball hogs and take it their self for the fame and stats. Dwyane Wade plays with honor,courage,and heart. He tries to make his teammates and everybody that plays wit him better. He single handely carried the miami heat on his shoulders to win the 2006 championship! He does it all, drive to da hoop, dish it out to teamamtes, shoot the mid-jumper(working on the three), and his precense of being on the court changes the whole game! Now that is what i call an Mvp, all-star, and leader!
-i still cant believe dwyane wade packed Amare Stoudamire's layup and swooshed that 65 footer at the buzzer! Best play ever.
by tensocdude (jordan) April 02, 2007
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An overrated basketball player who will end up being known for the outlandish way he dresses rather than the fact the he's been in the shadow of Shaq & Lebron his entire career.
Sean: Did you see that Dwyane Wade outfit that James is wearing?

Gerald: Yeah, confirms my suspicions that he's a stool plunger.
by Anglo Gerry May 26, 2013
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Shooting guard for the 2006 NBA champ Miami Heat. One of the best guards in the league. He has ability to both go to the rack or pass it out, or hit the mid range jumper.
He combines with Shaquille O'neal to creat a power-packed one two punch; the best in the game. Shaq provides space and passing ability for Dwyane to work with and in return Dwyane gives the big fella lob passes and entry passing ability.
Man that dunk by Dwyane Wade was sick. Then he threw that lob to Shaq! There's nothing he can't do!
by Miamiheat323 July 07, 2006
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