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A traditional wedding celebration practiced by the people of the Netherlands, a small country in North-Western Europe. The ceremony differs little from traditional anglo-saxon christian weddings, except for two regards. First, the ceremony *must* be held in a tent (traditionally made from wool). Secondly, at the end of the ceremony, as the speeches are concluded, a team of men (usually the groom's best friends, but may include siblings of the bride) knocks the pegs that hold the tent in pace out, causing it to fall upon the assembled guests inside. At which point, someone must shout "DUTCH WEDDING!", and all inside will begin passing wind, thus creating one giant dutch oven. It is believed that this was developed in the face of other cultures spreading into dutch lands, where the only people willing to partake in this ceremony are the Dutch, and so would maintain ethno-cultural solidarity.
Alex: Hey Tim, me and Nirali are getting married, you're invited!
Tim: Is it going to be a Dutch wedding ?
Alex: Yes
Tim: Gross!
by Sir Reginald Bigglesworth January 27, 2006
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