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The act of farting in an empty take out bag and handing the customer it after handing them their bag with food. Usually done with the crappiest of the rudest customers in the fast food service. Also known as the Dutch Oven On the Go.
Employee: Hi, Welcome to Yummy In Your Tummy, what can get for you.
Customer Yelling: Can i get a Cheeseburger with NO PICKLE!
Employee: *enters cheeseburger with no pickle*
Customer Yelling: I said a double cheeseburger with no pickle. NOT a cheeseburger
Employee: I apologize, I miss heard you but I'll fix that. Was that all for this order.
Customer Yelling: Do it right the first time and you wouldn't have to fix it!
Employee: I apologize for that, your total is $1.87 at the first window.

Employee: We need a Dutch Oven Drive-Thru for order 12-94.

Employee 2: *Picks up empty to go bag, opens bag. holds up to buttock and flatulates in bag, Hands to Yelling customer.*

Yelling Customer after driving off. Oh crap they gave me a Dutch Oven on the Go. I must've been their biggest jerk today.
by Gorilla Boobs August 23, 2016
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