Similar to dutch oven. The act of shitting under someone's bed covers and waiting for the person to lay in it while you hide and wait for the reaction.
Ex1: Dude1:"Bro, I gave my girl a dutch oven last night."

Dude2:"Please, I heard George attempted to do a Dutch Bastard at his friends party."

Ex2: "My boss is such an asshole. I'm thinking about giving him a dutch bastard."
by ShadowSlashing March 24, 2013
In simplicity, a fatherless Dutchman, a dutch pedophile, a Dutch homo, Or Johan Van Der Smut, "Goldmember."
Golmember is known as a Dutch bastard, and in extremely faggish actions, a crazy Dutch bastard. He does not have a fahza and loves gold. and testicles. Typical Dutch bastard
by Darkrai227 January 22, 2010
What Dr.Evil calls goldmember when he asks if he can paint Austins fathers "Yoohoo" gold
Q:Hey,Dr.Evil,can I paint his Yoohoo gold?its kinda my thing
A:how bout no,ya crazy dutch bastard!
by david May 4, 2003
a paedophile commonly found patrolling the streets of Luxembourg, in the search of young, male flesh. Spiky hair and extreme good-looks. He can't help what children do to him, "they want to put everything in their mouths". He has a strange addiction to anti-windows technology and is a cyber-hippy.
appreciates techno raves and "dishco bishcuitsh" and he is an extremely lightweight.
he is a crazy dutch bastard
"letsh get shome dishco bishcuitsh and go raving!"

"mmmmmmm, what a delicate looking little boy"
"crazy dutch bastard, thatsh me!"
by leolux November 2, 2006