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A small, rural, farming community located in the North Central part of Illinois. This town is mostly made up of rednecks, farmers, white trash, and wealthy retired folk. Durand is pretty mellow, however it can feel like the ghetto sometimes with all the drunks, weed smokers, and pregnant white chicks around.

You might be in Durand, Illinois if:

• everybody in town owns at least one piece of farm equipment.
• you see at least four drunk people in public, not counting the bar.
• everybody seems to have a taste in both country and hip-hop music.
• you have bring your tractor to school day.
• your black friend is whiter than you are.
• you are related to all your classmates/co-workers.
• outhouse racing is considered a sport.
Person 1: Hey your from Durand, Illinois right?
Person 2: Yeah, that's right.
Person 1: Wow! Your town looks like shit!
Person 2: Well! We are the outhouse capital of the world!
by Not_Lemonade August 08, 2018
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