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A child who has been born with a maulfunction; chlamidia. These children suffer from this all their lives and there is no cure for it. Sometime it shows.. In and around their mouths. If they lived somewhere before moving to Dunsborough TOO BAD they instantly have chlamidia. The think they're sick as because they surf all day and everyday but they're not. Busso kids outrule them by far. People discriminate them for normal human beings but be careful some may be deceiving from the outside.. Wait until you see down under.
"What's that on your face" "Just some.. Um.. Chlamidia"
"Oh you're Dunsborough kid I see"

"What do you do in your spare time?" " I dunno mann, i'm just one of your average Dunsborough kids" "Well your stuffed already"
by CheeselNiel May 03, 2011
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