The curly hair growing abnormally from the edges of one's circular head, as circular heads form only on goblins.
It is the successor of a Dungeon Tan, found only on extreme-ass gamers.
Bill ( partying, outdoor person): Yo, Ahmed, wanna head on out for some beer? That cute girl on the seventh floor is going :)
Ahmed (goblin):*crunching down with the worst posture*

*whispers in a purry voice*

N-no t-thankks... I..I j-just h-have t-to get t-his k-killst-trea-

*gets killed by some camper*


Bill: What evs, no one likes a fag with a Dungeon Do.
by Lika_CUMSHOT June 22, 2011
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The anus. Butthole. Forbidden Cavern. Pleasure Pinhole. Etc.
We've been dating for 8 months and he still won't let me in the treasure dungeon. I might just have to surprise him for his birthday.
by Whyareyousofuckingweird February 21, 2021
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