Worthless, trashy, ineffective.
The Dungeons&Dragons-style car chase resulted in the death of the alleged thief..

She dresses like Dungeon&Dragons-style and it's not right for Church.

That housing project is so filthy, its a Dungeons&Dragons-style dump.
by Kreeg Commander March 12, 2012
A Dungeon Crawler is one who sleeps in the basement and has OMD (Obsessive Meme Dissorder) most Dungeon Crawlers are low level sex slaves made through incest all have a form of disablilty usually something major like Aspergers. I hear of one Dungeon Crawler named Madison they are very elusive due to their nature. If one is to find one do not tell the father as he will put his street meat back in the basement and will not be seen again if you are a Dungeon Crawler call 911
Dude I think your girlfriend was a Dungeon Crawler, she’s always sending memes, maybe it’s time to put her down
by Slave Master101 May 30, 2018
The anus. Butthole. Forbidden Cavern. Pleasure Pinhole. Etc.
We've been dating for 8 months and he still won't let me in the treasure dungeon. I might just have to surprise him for his birthday.
by Whyareyousofuckingweird February 21, 2021