Dungeon roombas is a term for D&D "Gelatinous Cubes" - Experts at cleaning dungeons, leaving nothing behind.
After being coined by "Ezekiel" in 2022 - several scenarios with dungeon roombas has been created.
Dungeon roombas clean dungeons, in fact - they clean them so well that even its denizens are sometimes... vanished!
by RamboMs March 2, 2023
The curly hair growing abnormally from the edges of one's circular head, as circular heads form only on goblins.
It is the successor of a Dungeon Tan, found only on extreme-ass gamers.
Bill ( partying, outdoor person): Yo, Ahmed, wanna head on out for some beer? That cute girl on the seventh floor is going :)
Ahmed (goblin):*crunching down with the worst posture*

*whispers in a purry voice*

N-no t-thankks... I..I j-just h-have t-to get t-his k-killst-trea-

*gets killed by some camper*


Bill: What evs, no one likes a fag with a Dungeon Do.
by Lika_CUMSHOT June 22, 2011
A great server with 0 cheaters and no racism. General chat mains such as bizism and Nirvz are very annoying however there are cool members such as Poeff (poffie) and 0123dtal. To be a true dungeon ganger you must follow rule 7, say n word every day and hate fekzy #FCONBOTTOM #AHMOSIAC
Hey, see that dungeon gang user over there, what a shitter doing secrets before clear!
by encoded_ July 28, 2021
A sex move where you fuck someone in there unwiped ass with either your fingers or penis then in their mouth with the same appendage and then back to the Anus.

Much like The shitty re-naming of the Tappanzee to the Cuomo bridge, this move is named after Governor Cuomo and his sexual deviancies. Cuomo wanted to go down in history with his name on something legendary so he was named after the sex move after his sexual discrepancies that led him to be removed from office. The move is meant to resemble a bridge between two shitty things over a wet landscape, like the traffic on 287 on both sides of the once- Tappan Zee bridge. It is meant to be a shitty bridge, if you will, The name is also meant to be a terrible idea much like Cuomo’s bastardization of the once-named Tappan Zee.
Guy 1: I met this girl at the club last night and I took her to Cuomos dungeon, If you know what I mean.
Guy 2: That’s gross dude.

Girl 1: My boyfriend wants to cuomos dungeon me.

Girl 2: That’s a horrible idea, what a sexual deviant, just like Cuomo!
by toughcookie96 January 3, 2022
while plundering young billys 'bung dungeon' i learned much about myself
by anal midwife February 15, 2014
The Dungeon Guardian is a miniboss from Terraria made to prevent the players from acquiring powerful loot early on,the only way to encouter it is to go into the dungeon at 0 or lower depth only if skeletron is NOT killed on that world yet(The Dungeon Guardian has 9999hp normal mode and can instantly kill you)
Guy 1:Dont go into the dungeon yet or you will die by the dungeon guardian!
Guy 2: The what?
*Dungeon Guardian spawns*
Guy 2: OH FUCK
*Guy 2 dies to the Dungeon Guardian*
Guy 1:*faceplams*
by dontlagswitchkids September 25, 2019