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This is a type of weed. It is typically know for its brown color and for having no hairs or crystals. Even though i personally believe this is a very dank strain of weed, it has been named this for its low potency in THC, very harsh smoke, and it mud taste. This kind of strain of weed has such little THC levels in it that most people say someone would have to smoke at least a quarter-pound of this horrible marijuana to just get a slight buzz, such as you would from a 20oz of Mike's Hard Lemonade. The reason why some daring people do attempt to smoke this is because a kilo of it usually only goes for $75. Side effects of smoking this type of weed is headaches, emphysema, excessive coughing, extreme zoning-out, major anxiety attacks, and in some major cases, a heart-attack.
Nathan: Yoo broo. I just picked up a pound of Dungeon Dirt! Wana take a couple hits off this blunt.

Steve: Yeahh dude! I just ran out of all my cat nip so I'm feinging to get lightheaded!

Nathan: Narley! (hits the blunt, begins to cough uncontrollably.)
by R Effa January 25, 2011
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