1: The process by which products are stripped of depth and complexity in order to simplify them for the masses.

2: The removal of complexity for the purpose of mass appeal.

3: The homogenization of entertainment and media.
"Plots, Scripts, and Stories are all too complicated for the general masses. By dumbing down movies we can broaden their mass appeal."

"Thanks to the Dumbing Down of Spore many found the game to be uninteresting and unenjoyable once the initial gimmick wore off."

"The Discovery Network achieved higher ratings by Dumbing Down it's programming."
by Idiocrat August 28, 2009
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to make stupider; reduce the intelligence of
Listening to George W. Bush really dumbed me down.

(dumb down)
by whatserface December 6, 2008
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The act of taking a product and watering down elements of it to make it appeal to a broader mass market. This often damages or destroys the very elements that gave the product any appeal in the first place.
Today, many video games are dumbed-down in an attempt to reach mass market audiences for higher profits, instead of loyal hardcore niche audiences.
by Garrett October 24, 2004
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What happens to people who learn definitions from this retarded site.
I go to urbandictionary daily to dumb down myself with retarded and/or completely incorrect definitions.
by Thomas195 December 6, 2009
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the act of making something easier to understand, not exclusive to a sped or retard, first used by Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News
Chadwick: Hey Raul, what did you get on Mr. Abernathy's History test?
Raul: I got a 7 dude
Chadwick: Holy Shit man, Abernathy was using sock puppets to demonsrate Manifest Destiny, how much more does he have to dumb-down the lesson for you?
by MAdude October 8, 2006
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parts of society that are not evolving to a more intelligent state, but rather becoming 'dumbed down' through passive absorption of memes and social media posts about nothing, fake news, misquotes, stolen or uncredited

where people don't think for themselves, become narcissistic, taking selfies and posting online, seeking cheap, superficial praise, and following and giving air to celebrities whose only claim to fame is the same narcissistic behaviour, where ethics, integrity and intellect are not a consideration

for a possible glimpse into the future for this 'type' and where it might take sections of humanity, refer to the 'people' in the 2008 movie, WALL-E

it's the opposite of human intellect evolution (see devolution)
to observe the dumbed down society we're living in, simply go online to any social media platform and look at the trending topics, paid advertisiting, filtered algorithms and other manipulations of the users
by A Minor PC January 17, 2017
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To dumb down is an alternate way to say you're doing "downer" drugs (i.e. opiates, weed, etc)
Time to dumb down boys!

Guy 1: What you up to man?
Guy 2: 'bout to dumb down, what's good with you?
by xio2 August 31, 2010
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