An individual who's idiocy surpasses the normal limit of retarded-ness.
Sharon: "Look at that guy Carlos, hes trying to write with the wrong side of a pen haha"
Michael: "Hahaha, what a dumb retard"
by CSDJamaica July 21, 2014
when something is so retarded that the word "dumb" has to be used as an adverb in front of it to emphasize how retarded someone/something is
That movie was dumb retarded.
by Real Yung Ninja January 5, 2017
Dumb Fucking Retard.

When someone is so dumb and so retarded, the only way you can properly describe their lack of cognitive ability is by calling them a dumb fucking retard.
Peter: My bitcoin wallet got corrupted and all my bitcoin is gone!
Everyone: Just use the seed phrase to recover the funds and transfer them to a new wallet.
Peter: What's a seed phrase?
Everyone: Wow Peter, you're a dumb fucking retard.
by DopeEffect January 19, 2020