Someone who gets dumped, and cant FIGURE IT OUT, hes over it, you need to get over it.

crazy bitch, writes in ex girl friends honesty boxes, pretending to be someone else.

DUMB bitch talks to her boyfriends ex girlfriend on his msn and acts like she didnt do anything.

dumb bitch needs to get over herself..
by Talk about Balls May 19, 2009
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Dumb bitch... hmm... yep definatly my teacher mrs anderson. Thank you for always being there to make homer simpson look smart. God is she dumb.
um... mrs anderson is a dumb bitch... what isnt there to get, i jus wrote this to warn the world about her, geez
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the exclamation prefixed by "that's a-" for the chick that runs into you in the hall, while your at you locker: every-fucking-day.
me: "WTF! that puta just hit me in the face!"
kris: "That's a dumb bitch!"
by izaakvk March 16, 2007
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When Katie and Madison are talking about anything that ends up being a deep discussion, they are being dumb bitches.
by bonechillin'cherrybomb January 23, 2012
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a dumb bitch is a bitch who tries to chop off ur cock when u sleepin. she also is so dumb she triped over a cordless phone!
That dumb bitch tried to chop off my cock while i was sleepin!!
by tom b green March 10, 2006
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