A stripper who marries her Dealer. A stripper that gives birth to her dealer's children. Any girl that used the words "my baby daddy, in reference to her children's father.
1.That girl is such a dumb bitch that she married her dealer. That isn't going to end well!
2. When asked who she is engaged in conversation with, a dumb bitch will answer, "oh that ain't nobody, that's just my baby daddy!"
by UrMom420 April 26, 2011
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A very specific type of failknight in the game World of Warcraft. Only one known example exists: Bracht from the server Undermine.
by azod November 06, 2009
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bitches who think people give a shit about them but they actually dont so all they have is eachother
"you see those dumb bitches abby and gabby? yeah they really played themselves" "those dumb bitches have no friends and they only have themselves"
by htowncutie July 22, 2017
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A dumb bitch is someone that goes running back to their ex every chance they get.
Man, she really thought he still loved her, what a dumb bitch.

Damn, he really thought she was going to take him back? That's one dumb bitch.
by adrenalinnneee_ October 17, 2018
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A dumb bitch is a bitch that seeks attention daily. Has three kids and still stay in their mom's house, and wonder why they can't keep a man, but claims to be a bad bitch but can't spell.
Dumb bitch says, "thinking bout getting a tatoo! No dumb bitch it's tattoo...what's wrong with your spell check!? Next a dumb bitch will say," my pass" no dumb bitch it's past! No wonder why u can't keep a man...but let u tell it you are the truth and claim to be a bad bitch!
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