A slang term (DBJ) that lets your friend know that they are about to or have done something stupid.
Tony: What are you going do today?

Ashton: I'm going jump off of my roof because I hear red bull gives you wings!

Tony: Oh so you drinking dumb bitch juice.
Mark: I sold one of my kidneys to pay for the new Red Dead Redemption.

Jonathan: oh so this morning you had a big cup of dumb bitch juice for breakfast
by November 5, 2018
Your favorite drink. A drink you drink when you know something is fucking stupid but you do it anyways.
"I cheated on my girlfriend with her sister, I'm drinking straight dumb bitch juice"
"I shouldn't say this, I'm on dumb butch juice so I'm gonna"
"Maybe I shouldn't eat this, it's labeled for some one else. Dumb bitch juice tho"
by FrickityFuckedYourMom April 11, 2019
Whenever you are going to, or whenever you will commit an act deemed to be called retarded.
You are on some dumb bitch juice.
You are on some good dumb bitch juice to be getting in trouble like that.
by Manny22 December 25, 2018
When one makes a blunder, a critical error, or a minor slip up, they are said to have drank some of this wonderful juice. The phrase was coined by Twitter in mid-2018, and has since been adopted by e-girl and Twitter Local culture.

Contrary to popular belief, dumb bitch juice is in fact a real beverage, and it's known as 'iced coffe.'
P1: "Sis your man is texting that dumb thot again, drop him,"
P2: "Nah, I've been sipping on some dumb bitch juice, he deserves a second chance."
P1: "Oh worm."
by dwoke September 8, 2019
another word for mountain dew because i know a lot of dumb bitches me included that drunk mountain dew.
i need to get some dumb bitch juice
by supfckers December 5, 2019
what some bitchs named rhonda and gabby drink because they are ratarded as FUCK
Katie: "Rhonda tried to kill me today because I told her I was gay."
Morgan: "That bitch drinks dumb bitch juice don't even worry about it."


Gabby: "I'm gay as fuck now I hate dick tehe uwu im s p e c ial"
Ethyn, Morgan, and literally everyone: "(?)"