Common metaphorical phrase used in finance. Refers to a hoard of cash.
I wish I would've had some dry powder after the housing collapse.. prices were so cheap!
by D_money August 17, 2014
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When someone doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
Dude 1: “You just took a dump in the bathroom and didn’t wash your hands? That’s disgusting AF!”
Dude 2: “No man, I washed my hands”
Dude 1: “Lies bro! I took a piss right after you bombed the bathroom and the sink was bone-dry! You are dry sinker!”
by Th1ncru5t October 24, 2020
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Mythical shit that leaves no residue and requires no wiping of the anus. People who claim to have dry shitted, are usually embarrassed because they did not wipe their ass, and claim that the ass didn't need wiping. All asses need wiping
"Oh my god will just took a dry shit."
by Daddy November 27, 2003
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The worst kind of day. Its a day where shops wont sell you liquor.
"Hey man, we should go grab some beers"
"You can't, its a dry day today"
by ssmetaknight November 15, 2011
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Of irish origin. One who lacks any ambition to do fun things. Very boring, unspontaneous, tucked-in-bed-by-2am pioneer.
Chris Martin and his Missus are dry shites.
by Coco toco January 09, 2006
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To ask for in an indirect and roundabout way. Dropping vague hints that are not clear or straightforward in making a request.
My son was dry begging to use the car Friday night instead of just asking; What are you eating? It sure looks good. Stop dry begging!
by C-N-C July 28, 2010
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