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An incredibly irritating person, who has a face that just winds you up for no reason. You feel the need to slap them upside the head but your not quite sure why.
"see you mate, you're a fucking dry lunch"

"God that bloke really winds me up! He's nothing more than a big fat Dry lunch!"
by tanya. a October 23, 2006
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When someone just has the type of face which angers you and makes you want to hit them. Usually reffering to a person, but can be shorted down to dry.
Dan: Mate, look at that fucking dry lunch over there
Harry: Oh my god, i just want to punch him
by notsurewhattoputhere January 29, 2011
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some 1 who is a tight cunt who dont part up wid readys when they aint payed for anything 4 bare time
oy drinks r on u tonight

lunchin: ur avin a bubble aint ya

y this is ur hand i done last 1 and bought food

lunchin: so

y u bein a dry lunch 4

lunchin: leave off how am i
by tezeb May 28, 2007
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A term used to describe one that is not attractive, is only friends with other dry lunches and dislikes communicating with other classmates or personnel.

A dry lunch may also brag about smoking the Mj when in reality they will not have the balls to try it
You may want to stay clear of dry lunches since they are known for carrying the flu, colds or worst case scenario the plague or black death. Dry Lunches may also carry an unpleasant odour which is because they may not have washed in several days.

Dry Lunch top tip ~ Stay clear and try your best not to communicate with said dry lunch.
Gertrude ~ "So Stanley, what do you think of that new kid?"
Stanley~ "I'm not to sure mate, i think he may be one of them"
Gertrude~ "Nahh, You seriously think he might be a dry lunch?"
Stanley~ "Yeah man, i think so"
by CrustUp November 24, 2016
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