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Dry Vagina dr-ie / vu/jy/nuh - a term used to describe a girl who is incredibly boring and the only pleasure she gets is from ruining a group of guys or a single guy's fun because they think they are 'moral'.
Those girls really ruined our fun when they stopped us from teasing Goobah about her being so sexy, theyre such dry vaginas.
by Ackadacka August 26, 2006
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A Dry Vagina is a version of the wet willie however enacted in reverse somewhat. One sticks their finger in their ear and twists it to suitably coat their finger in earwax, then proceeds to stick it in some poor, unsuspecting asshole's mouth.
John is such a douche, he gave me a dry vagina in third period and now my mouth is going to taste like his ear until lunch.
by Davido_ December 21, 2011
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