Turn off the water to the toilet. Flush the toilet until the bowl and tank are empty. Leave a Turd in the toilet.
A great joke we used to play while out on a road trip was to leave a 'Dry Bowl' in the motel room of our team mates.
by Marty J January 9, 2006
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The act of getting ready to shit but first flushing the toilet and waiting until there's little or no water in the bowl, then dropping your turd. The object is to get the timing so that you have the smallest amount of bowl water possible when the turd hits and thus leave a bigger shit streak when the turd is eventually flushed. This is usually done as a competition to see who can make the biggest shit streak.
Dude, I would have ruled last night when we were dry bowling if I hadn't had the damn hershey squirts.
by texskier November 22, 2009
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To drop a turd in a completely dry toilet. Often this requires turning off the water and the use of a plunger. The goal is make a turd that will smell really bad and for a long period of time. Dry Bowls can also attract flies.
Oliver bragged about the 49ers losing the Super Bowl so I got him back by Dry Bowling his toilet.
by HellaFace February 4, 2013
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when you poop in a dry toilet and the turd stands on end like a soldier going to battle
Timmy came home turtling badly so he dashed to the toilet; when he finished Timmy got up and saw a dry bowl salute—a brown turd standing on end saying “SIR YES SIR” before getting flushed away.
by Uncle Joosie November 13, 2018
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