When your ex or existing partner is obviously in love with somebody new and tries to hide or deny it... But it's obvious to everyone.
Like a drunk denying that they're even intoxicated,Gina was not aware of the long distance sparkle in her eyes..or who she was really in-love with,but it was as obvious as a Drunk-Punch Love in the face to everyone else.
by Fungal Socrateas September 10, 2021
(can be silly, humorous, sarcastic or offensive, depending on the context and/or the situation):

an actual intimate encounter (or thinking about having an intimate encounter with a given person) after just one date
the question is whether or not a situation of punch-drunk love can lead to a nsa/fwb or an fbltr
by Sexydimma November 1, 2013
is when you get so drunk that you fall in love with every girl, but no one wants a part of you because you are an emotional drunk wreck. basically your drunk and in love but you really are just a nutball.
max is so sexy, to bad hes such a punch drunk love. he flirts with every girl but only finger blasts them.
by mr cool ice May 14, 2011