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A condition similar to ADHD affecting all drummers who actually love what they do. It causes the drummer to play on any flat surface, vertical or horozontal, which exists within hand reach whenever he or she has at least 1 minute of boredom in band. Often scorned by other band members, conductors, and even other drummers, it is one of the few downsides to being a drummer.
1. Man, Ryan's Drummer's Syndrome is starting to annoy me.
2. Hey, Aaron, your Drummer's Syndrome is messing with our tuning. Mind stopping?
by dvdwinter9 December 02, 2006
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When drummers and wannabe drummers absolutely cannot stop tapping surfaces or playing drumkits in your practice space, despite the fact that the rest of the band needs to sort something out, you've got a case of Drummer's Syndrome on your hands.
"Goddammit, there he goes again with his Drummer's Syndrome! Stop fucking playing, we need to tune!"
by kikanjuuneko December 07, 2005
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When a drummer loves drumming so much, that he/she will tap on anything whenever and wherever he/she can. Drummer's who suffer from this often use their fingers to tap on inanimate objects - such as chairs, desks, and car seats - or in severe cases of boredom - other people. Friends and teachers are the people most affected by this unfortunate syndrome, due to it's constant intrusion into activities, and due to the fact that the tapping can be hideously, dreadfully, disturbingly, remarkably, and intensely annoying.
1. Dude, stop having Drummer's Syndrome and drumming on the desk. This is history class, not a concert.

2. Matt, if you don't stop having Drummer's Syndrome, I will glue your hands and feet to the table.
by da drumma January 09, 2014
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The condition of Drummers Syndrome occurs once a person owns a pair of drumsticks and/or a Drum Kit. This condition is only curable by selling the drum associated products and buying an instrument that actually requires a stave, clef and key.
Symptoms of Drummers Syndrome include;
- Poor, Tasteless and unfunny jokes.
- constant twitching, resulting in tapping objects
- bad hearing and repeating the last word/s in sentence or question said to them
- other symptoms bear resemblance to mental illness, autism and other mental ratardations.
Typical Drummers Syndrome situations

Drummer Joke;
Drummer: What's yellow and can't swim?
Human: What?
Drummer: Tractor

Drummers Twitch;
Steve's Twitching like a drummer

Drummer bad hearing;
Human: hey jake, can you get me a drink?
Drummer (aka jake): A drink?
by figjamjames October 18, 2007
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