Means to say the word "Fuck you" with rage. Sometimes used so that there is no need to use Fuck You.
Girl: Can I borrow your eraser?
Boy: No.
Girl: Fuck You!
Teacher: Did you just dropped the f bomb?!
Girl: No...
Teacher: (To Boy) Don't lie to me, did she just said "Fuck you?"
Boy: Yes..
Girl: I'm sorry...
Teacher: Go to The office!!
by GamezAddict008 October 29, 2011
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It means 'say fuck', normally used in situations where saying fuck wouldn't be appropriate.
Person 1: Dude, John's in shit with his parents because he dropped the F bomb at dinner while his grandparents were over.

Person 2: What a dumbass.

John: Yep, I chose a pretty stupid time to drop the F bomb.
by Joefo September 04, 2008
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to use the word fuck in an extreme fit of rage
when rob kicked the laundry basket he dropped an f bomb and screamed fuck at 3 am while everyone was asleep
by Jimmy_rider May 05, 2004
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when a teacher in a classroom refers to a student for using the curse beginning with an f and ending with a k, with a uc in between.
yo, vitties was just dropping the f-bomb at rabbi gralla
by shety September 13, 2009
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