A Drone is a word that you call people that are slow or challenged in anyform. Calling your mates drones becuase they are slow and incompetent
Fuck bro why did you spill the milk you drone
by Its _Ya_Boii August 29, 2019
Someone who, in response to an offensive insult or claim about a product, person or interest, insults or reports the poster on any social media.
If you make a video about how the X-Box One sucks, then the drones accompanied to the X-Box One will go to your channel and insult you.
by IKBIND November 9, 2014
An expression in which you do something awesome it may bring others to tears.
When I hit that crossover and made him fall the tear dronewas all on the crowds faces.
by baller#11 April 9, 2015
A person in a multiplayer game who "Camps" In the drone form of their character usually never leaving spawn.

Once their drone is taken down they usually wait until they can send another one never leaving the back corners of the game.
You will most likely not see one of these players in a match unless directly fought, They will usually lose the match up due to lack of non drone knoledge.
That Drone Camper will not go out and fight he is just sitting there.
I can't stand Drone Campers he won't actually help us!
by kk5dire April 4, 2021