A 90s post-hardcore band from San Diego. Combining punkish aggression and attitude with the complexity of math rock, Drive Like Jehu played emo before it became a dirty word. There's no whining, just tons of maniac energy and incendiary performances from all around. When Drive Like Jehu set themselves to rocking (which was most of the time), they did so with a rollicking intensity and an unabashed catchiness that managed to emerge even amidst all the eardrum abuse. More importatntly, these songs are catchy on their own terms, without resorting to the cliched pop hooks that characterize pretty much everything on rock radio these days. An exceptional band.
Yank Crime by Drive Like Jehu is one of the best emo - punk rock - post-hardcore - whatever bands ever.
by bronzemedal97 March 04, 2006
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