Inspired by the Daniel Day-Lewis tirade in the final scene of the film There Will Be Blood, in which Daniel Plainview explains to Eli Sunday how he has managed to rob and cheat him out of an oil fortune.

1. To totally dominate someone
2. To cheat someone out of everything they have
"No one was surprised when the Reds drank the Cubs' milkshake."

"Don't mess with me or I will drink your milkshake."
by Charles Wilton October 23, 2008
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Inspired by the 2008 film "There Will Be Blood", the phrase "I drink your milkshake!" is used to indicate oneupmanship or getting the better of someone.
Did you see that dunk? He drank his milkshake.

You want a piece of me? I'll drink your milkshake!
by Jason W. Miller February 18, 2008
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Line used by Daniel Day Lewis (Daniel Plainview) in the movie "There will be Blood".

This line is used to insult opposition in the moment of victory or revenge.
"I drink your milkshake!" - This can be used after dumping girl/boyfriend, quiting your job, scoring a winning point or teasing a friend bitterly.

by Nigel Clarke January 24, 2008
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An EPIC line used by Daniel Day Lewis, playing the character Daniel Plainview, in the movie "There Will Be Blood".

Properly used when one achieves victory or PWNage after taking something of another's when said n00b was unaware of what was going on.
Friend 1: I just found out my wife was sleeping with my brother behind my back...

Friend 2: d00d! He drank your milkshake!

Brother of friend 1: I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP!!
by Wattzor February 23, 2010
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to cause harm to another person (usually physical)
john:did you see the fight at dude's party last night?
jesse:yeah, zafo drank that boy's milkshake.

"i drink your milkshake! i drink it up!" *beats someone to death with a bowling pin
by othx1138o May 14, 2008
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In the closing scene of There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day-Lewis says this to Paul Dano to show that he has defeated thee.

A line that would not nearly be as memorable if it weren't for its pitch-perfect delivery.
"As a sports metaphor? (“Let’s face it. The Celtics drank the Knicks’ milkshake last night.”) An amorphously obscene double entendre, hearkening back to its Kelis-ian roots? (“I’d like to drink your milkshake!”) Or maybe, in a nod to the godlike venom of its utterer, a taunt: “You best back down before I drink your milkshake, bitch.”
by dilary huff February 04, 2008
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Used when one person absolutely destroys somebody else on a skill based level. It can be only used when the superiority of one is taken into consideration, and proved to be unreliable.
When playing battleship, and your battleship is sunk, the other player would yell out "I drink your milkshake!"
by Max Verra May 29, 2008
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