Usually said to reiterate the importance of drinking. Just saying "drink" once doesn't convey the sense importance surrounding our drinking culture. Said twice, with some gusto,a party shall evolve, like magic.

Can be compounded by saying "drink" as many times until it sounds something like Drinkdrinkdrkkddir
Person 1 : Yo what do you wanna do today?
Person 2: Drink drink!
Person 3: Yeah man, drinkdrindkdrindk!
by Pregame_Palace April 9, 2009
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When asked if you want a beverage at a social gathering, you ask if they are offering you a drink or a "Drink Drink". A "Drink Drink" contains alcohol.
When Amanda handed me that red cup, I had to ask her if it was a drink or a Drink Drink. Cause I only wanted it if it was a Drink Drink.
by So Gay November 7, 2010
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when a man named CHARLIE sheen drinks and smokes too much and says that donold trump should be president.
nlrgaaa nirga nirgaaaa drink drink drink
by saywhayo April 28, 2011
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Similar to popular video game "Dance Dance Revolution," except that after you play it, you will likely wake up the following morning in a shady motel room wearing a stewardess uniform.
I played Drink Drink Revolution the other night.
by SirGangstaLot October 5, 2005
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Similar to playing "Shadow" or "Mirror." Two people sit across from each other. One drinks and the other has to imitate the exact same drinking style, movements, type and amount of booze.
Brad and Lonnie were playing Drink Drink Revolution for two hours last night, but Lonnie gave up when he had to take a leak.
by Anonymous January 2, 2003
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The drinking that starts before a celebration or an occassion. It usually involves a hardcore group who pride themselves on the amount of alcohol that they can consume.

It could be a few hours early or the day before, usually used as an excuse to women!
Girlfriend: Why have you guys started drinking already? It's 11 in the morning!

Guy: It's the Pre-drink drinks for my birthday, we're just warming up!
by x100jon December 18, 2008
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Fairly self-explanatory drinking game. One person says 'I drink,' and takes a drink. They then say 'you drink' to the second player. The second player replies by saying 'I drink,' taking a drink, and returning the favour with a call of 'you drink.' The game continues until you're out of beer.
1: I drink, you drink.
2: I drink, you drink.
Et caetera.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
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