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(N.) 1 a: Someone that likes to have sex exclusively with tiny Filipino girls.

(N.) 2 b: A mode of address used among a groups of people to describe that one friend that has a fetish for having sex with Filipino girls one third his size. In this context, this term should be considered a term of endearment. See definition of Manuhjuh.

(N.) 3 c: A code name one acquires when passing through the various stages of colossal mistake making. This is the code name used for someone that has failed to learn from the blatantly obvious mistakes of others and persists despite pleas to reason with the act of importing a jungle bride into the United States from the Philippines.
(a) After sunset in the jungle, bawdy tales of the Drilla in Manila struck fear into everyone gathered around the campfire.

(b) The party can start now! The Drilla in Manila is here…!

(c) You realize of course this whole jungle bride thing officially changes your code name to Drilla in Manila, and we all were optimistic that you had learned your lesson after the “Caribbean Caper.”
by Tlahtoani Anubis May 08, 2009
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