Be safe while drexting or you will get into an accident.
by Nanu Bananu 2 November 15, 2013
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The process of sending a text message when the sender is intoxicated.

May or may not be remembered by the sender, but is usually found out later, and can be quite humiliating. Often regretted by the sender when he or she sobers up.

Similar to a "sext."
1) Dude, she was totally off the wall. Her drexts started just after the bars closed. I wonder if she meant em??
2) Stacy, can u believe these drexts Justin sent? Hes not gettin any for a while.
by just4today February 15, 2014
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Driving and texting at the same time. Other forms - drext.
The number one cause of vehicular accidents in the town were as a result of Drexting.
by Albert A. Antwi September 22, 2018
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The act of text messaging while driving a motor vehicle.
Person#1 text: Did you hear about the lunar eclipse today?
Person#2 text: Yeah it was visible I. Turkey this morning
Person#1 text: Aww, it was even visible in North America
Person#2 text: Noor
Person#1 text: Omg, STOP DREXTING!!
by Pinkvs June 16, 2011
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