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Drew Malino is a 19 year old New Yorker youtuber who's channel name is drewmalino. He is most known for his multiple series of Chatroulette Music Time, Chatrouette Fun, and Drew Malino is Crazy. His phrase he says mostly has changed recently, from "Wazzupolo?" to "What's up? Hello! It's Drew Malino!" He recently does colabs with his good friend, Paul Davis Griffin, whos main channel is The Griffking. The dynamic duo that is "mang" (malino and griffin) used to do meet-ups near there hometowns. They also have a channel so they can send videos for everyone to see, which is simply called Malino and Griffin.
Wazzupolo! Guess who I just met at Chick-fil-a?
Drew Malino!!!!!!!!!!!!
by The Mang Lover October 26, 2013
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