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A Jewish baseball player, with a somewhat attractive appearance with a ginormous dick. Has a little bit of swag with the ladies and he cant keep his mouth shut. A nice guy in general but who needs to learn to shut the fuck up. Has blonde hair when he bleaches it like a fag and uses maple lefty baseball bats to dildo his asshole when hes bored. He loves to take batting practice in all sorts of forms;in bed,on the roof, baseball field, locker room. He attracts ugly softball players named Jayho and loves to play with his buddy Grant the "ACE" he wishes he can be good at sex but he always forgets the latex. Likes to say fuck me harder!!!!!
Oh my God is that a Drew Kozain?
Haha i bet that kid over there is Drew Kozain what a bitch!!!
That kid throws as hard as Drew Kozain topping in at 62mph!!!
I wish i had a penis as small as Drew Kozain
by purpleclit69 June 12, 2011
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