"Hey have you seen that one picture of Dreamwastaken in a suit with Alec Benjamin?"

"Oh my god yes Dream is so fine like sir-"
by Omgiminmars August 18, 2021
Dreamwastaken is a large YouTuber who is the creator of the Dream SMP. Many of the things he did include:

- an antiblack edit

-an Islamophobic edit

- a Holocaust edit

- Made fun of Native Americans and their "screaming"

- Said the R-Slur, which he cannot reclaim, and proceeded to call any autistic people calling him out "The Language Police"

- Called a 15 year old a "Cute Little Munchkin"

- Made a joke about Vikkstar being a pedophile towards Tubbo's sister

- Made sexual jokes towards Tommyinnit, and said that "Tommy made it weird by saying that he was a minor"

- Had a Reddit account that called Mexicans and Immagrants "Illegals"

- Old tweet denied Covid

- Was a Trump supporter until 2019-2020

There's more but I'm tired...
Person 1: "Have you seen Dreamwastaken's new Minecraft Manhunt?"

Me: "No. He's a problematic POS."


Me: "Please don't doxx me..."
by NekoKat May 26, 2022
Some ugly ass white cracker queer baiting bitch. So ugly man had put the mask back on trending 3 seconds after.
Person one: whose dreamwastaken?
Person two: some ugly ass bitch who looks like human version of shrek
by Cumslutwastaken October 3, 2022
someone : who’s the hottest guy ever?
me : dreamwastaken.
someone : but he doesn’t even show his face..?
me : hands.
by morganoffline July 9, 2021
A minecraft streamer who has a disgusting fan base. Releases banger song lyrics such as " thats what the mask is"
Dream stand 1; Have you seen dreamwastakens new video
Normal and sane person: F**K NO
dream stand one: *growls*
by juliettekDR2 April 30, 2022