A famous Minecraft youtuber, he's most known for his manhunt videos, speedrunning, music, lack of a face reveal (for now, at least), and of course his creation of the DreamSMP. He's most often seen with his friends GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap, the two other members of the "Dream Team". Alternatively, some also see Antfrost, BadBoyHalo, and more recently, Awesamdude as additions to the Dream Team due to being the hunters in Dream's videos. Currently, he has 22.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and makes many appearances on other people's content aside from his own.

Alright past the formal part, Dream has made a huge impact on the Minecraft community, as well as YouTube as a whole. His start of the DreamSMP brought many small youtubers up to stardom, and his presence on the internet has given many of his fans motivation throughout the pandemic. He's a great guy, check him out :) (Oh, and don't look into the haters too much, they're just searching for attention)
Hey, did you hear about that Dream guy?
What, that one Minecraft Youtuber? I've heard of him but I've never watched him. I don't really like Minecraft.

Ah, that's alright, but Dream does stuff on other people's streams too... Also he sounds like a tea kettle when he laughs haha.
That sounds.. interesting. I might check him out.
by [Insert creative name] May 26, 2021
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A dream is something that you want really bad. With determination you can pursue that dream. Even if it's the most impossible dream. Even if everyone tells you you can't. Actually you can!
"I had the most amazing dream last night. Maybe I should go and pursue it!"
by Scuba1686 November 7, 2016
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An alternative to the beverage Lean. This version contains DXM cough syrup and Dramamine instead of Codeine cough syrup and Promethazine.
Guy: Hey man you sippin on that lean?
Dude: Nah I am allergic to Codeine so I be gone off that Dream shit you feel me?
by DATAyymbr February 28, 2014
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Dream is a minecraft guy ig

hes like speedy 🥶🔥

hes dating georgenotfound
Dream has a DAP!
by georgenotfound October 29, 2020
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The ultimate virgin, who makes cringy Minecraft videos, rigs democracy and makes the shittiest music. The only females this being aquires are 13 year old girls who make gay fanfiction about him and his crush Georgenotfound.
Do you know who dream is?
Isn't he that guy who made the cringiest song on earth?
by Baguette1894 February 26, 2022
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A mc youtuber who is getting shit ton of dramas and get 20 million subs in one year,also has a toxic fanbase on twitter
and a lot of haters
Small crator:im gonna pass dream in subs

Dream:casually get 100k subs every day
by Dirty tomato seed March 25, 2021
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Wilbur: did you cheat?
Tommy: yes. It was such a Dream move
by Nathur23 March 26, 2021
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