A girl you've always fantasized about since you were a kid. This girl is not supposed to be attractive in everybody's eyes but in your eyes she's the most adorable one. And she's not necessarily the most rational choice for you because you've only probably considered facial & physical beauty, so she may not be accomplished enough. Nevertheless you think your life would be perfect with her.
Guy 1: Hey, mate. Did u finally talk to your dream girl you've been obsessed with?
Guy 2: Not really. I'm afraid I might not be thinking straight when it comes to her, so I'd just probably kill the thought of her.
by AJ_2000 March 19, 2020
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Being a very rare female that one desires so much, it seems like a dream. a unicorn. a 1 in a billion
She is so fine, no kinds, never been married, good credit; she is truly my DreamGirl!
by ThundaGrows October 12, 2018
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this girl not only is really attractive as in the look wise(thick in the chest, hips, butt, legs, slim waist), shorter, no kids, independent, good cook, cleans youre place without even asking just offers, clean, having a lot in common with that girl, fun, outgoing, sweet, nice, loyal, faithful, honest, good in bed in all aspects, playful, listens, respectful, has her own spot, has her own car, nice paying job, educated, communications on point, the girl you would give up being a player and put that ring on her finger
dude 1:damn man, ive been with this girl for 8 monthes, never had the desire to cheat on her, like them past girls ive done that too, id feel like an idiot and feel guilty if i cheated on this one, feel me?
dude 2:damn need a best man? sound like you got yourself a dream girl
by joshua001 March 07, 2007
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For all you fellows who are trying to give a definition of a dream girl can't; because what you may call a dream girl is not the same for other men. You make her a dream girl because you are actually in love with that person. There is no such thing as a "princess" or "prince" for that matter. On a plus side A for effort on trying to give you'r own style of definition on dream girl, also not trying to be rude to anybody for the definition just putting in my two sense.
A good example would be you two who just posted two different types of you'r dream girl, you can not have one specific dream girl that fits every man. So there for it wouldn't be classified as a definition, not by logic standards anyways.
by realism October 05, 2012
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Dream Girl is what Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson can't stop calling each other on social media, and is making everyone go crazy.
Tessa Thompson just posted a story: *Picture of Brie Larson* D R E A M G I R L

Brie Larson just tweeted: @TessaThompson You are my Dream Girl
by maybeferisgay June 17, 2019
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You can't just call any girl a dream girl, but dream girl really fits Jasmine. Jasmine is legit the definition of a dream girl, she's beyond perfect, hot, cute, smart, sweet, funny, caring, loving, its very very very very very VERY easy to fall in love with Jasmine, and when she loves you too you're the luckiest person in the world. Jasmine is the absolute best gf/wife you can ever have, and if you have her DONT EVER LOSE HER LIKE NEVER. Jasmine makes you smile every second of the day and makes you happy, if you have Jasmine in your life you know what I'm talking about. Jasmine makes you the happiest person in existence, whenever you talk to her you'll get butterflies. You'll fall in love with her the first day you meet her. Her personality is the absolute best, she's so talented and she is very very very beautiful. Like there's no other girl that is so so so so so so so so so SOOOOOOO beautiful like Jasmine is just beyond beautiful. And everything about her just makes you think everyday how fucking lucky you are to have such an amazing girl next to you. Jasmine is just so breathtaking, no other girl is like Jasmine. Jasmine is the definition of perfect, cute, beautiful, dream girl, and many more. I can't really describe this in one post or else it'll be toooooooo long. But Jasmine is just the most perfect girl in existence no cap. She's everything you want in a girl. <3
Jasmine is the most perfect girl in existence, she's a dream girl.
by BenjiEcksDee October 24, 2019
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What a fuckboy or "player" will call you as a trick to get in your pants.

It is usually coupled with "I think about you every day" But what they really mean is "I think about you a lot, but only when I am not fucking the other girl(s) that like me."
This boy called me his dream girl and after we made out he didn't contact me for three months, probably sleeping with some other girl. What a fuckboy...
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by ToasterStroodles April 12, 2016
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