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Non-stop heterosexual copulation (without eating, resting or any other interruption), which lasts for at least 24 hours (being the period of one entire day & one whole night), & involves all sexual postures known to mankind, performed in sequence. In contrast to North Indian Sex or Hindustani Sex, which connotes the direct opposite: an extremely short bout of homosexual anal love-making without foreplay & in a few poses only.

The great duration & extreme variety of South Indian Sex is necessitated by several anatomical peculiarities of the Dravidoid or Negroid-Australoid race. Thus, the Dravidian Penis retains much of its mythical size even when flaccid, on account of its evolution as a heat exchanger to dissipate excess body heat in the warm Sudano-Deccanian climatic zone. This, coupled with the famed thickness of 'Binghi skin', implies the 'deed of kind' requires a much longer time. Moreover, Dravidian Testicles, which are larger due to higher rates of testosterone in black races, produce more sperm, requiring multiple climaxes in one night for complete release.

Furthermore, the Dravidian Woman (referred to as 'Hastini' or Elephant-Woman, 'Shudrani' & 'Vadavi' or Mare in the Prakrit & Sanskrit sexological literature, due to her extreme steatopygia & cavernous Dravidian Vagina) can only be gratified by the largest penises & the longest, most varied coitus.
1) Dating to ancient times, 'Dravidian Sex' & similar terms are recorded in ancient Prakrit & Sanskrit sexological manuals: "Long & excessive love-play is in vogue among the Dravida, who employ artificial aids & favour adhorata." ('The Hindu World: An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism' (2 vols) Benjamin Walker. v 2, London: Allen & Unwin, 1968, p 201)

2) "The women of Karnataka & Trilinga are extremely greedy for continuous congress, day & night, without food or rest. They passionately prefer the coital posture - Vadavakam wherein the lingam lingers for a longer period inside the yoni without emission." ('Immortal Khajuraho' Kanwar Lal. Delhi: Asia Press, 1965, p 174) Thus, when Dravida Sex is practised 'doggy style' in the 'mare's position', it is known as Telugu Sex.

3) "The women of Dravida, Tamil Nadu, though rubbed & pressed during intercourse, have a slow fall of semen & are very slow in the act of coition." ('The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra' Lance Dane. ch: The bite. Dashanachhedyavidhi Prakarana. Delhi: Roli Books, 2003).

4) "The Dravida women liked excessive love-play but reached climax slowly" ('Indian women and sex' SN Rampal, N Delhi: Printox, 1978, p.33)

5) Sheikh Chilli: I really enjoyed having Dravidian Sex with my Bibi (wife) last night!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 05, 2012
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