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Drama Turd (noun) – A Drama Turd was originally a Dramaturge, a person with a position of research and development in a theater. However, a Drama Turd gets their head so far up their own ass that everything they do is shit. Often actors are forced to listen to the Drama Turd speak for hours on end in a mind numbing attempt at character development. This usually results in boredom or complete confusion due to the Drama Turd’s ass-talking desire to sound intellectual at all costs. Often Drama Turds seem to have some magical hold over the director which leaves the cast wondering if oral gratification could be at work behind the scenes.
“OMG the Director let the pseudo intellectual Drama Turd speak to the cast for over an hour about the underlying meaning of the play’s symbols and metaphors and it bored the shit out of us. The annoying pretentious crap that comes out of the Drama Turd's mouth is crazy making.”
by Scheisse Ninja May 25, 2010
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