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Noun and Verb

1) Someone who has no life and feels they must preoccupy their life with other peoples problems and or make problems. Once one problem is solved they move on and uninvitally stick themselves onto another problem of someone elses

2) The act if drama leeching
-Why is Robby acting like such a drama leech?

-Oh he just has no life
by That one crazy kid December 06, 2006
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A (normaly quite fat) girl who makes the biggest deals out of nothing. usual prey on people who have just been hurt, and need comfort. They find a group and leech them out of it, and then turn them to what they think. (that the friends of the prey are assholes)
Jean: hey Meg, i got bad bf broke up with me...

Meg: oh really? well your assholish friends are to blame, they always say stuff about you, and dont even like you.

jean: what-?

Meg: you should blow them off and hang with me!!

Jean *she is being kinda a Drama leech..i need comfort so who cares...*
by nyehtothenyeh May 07, 2009
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