Noun: Used to describe a gay or straight person that has surpassed the emotional level of a drama queen. This person is prone to childish behaviors including but not limited to temper tantrums, outbursts of rage, contradicting themselves, crying and arguing like a mega lesbian on the rag. All of this can occur without triggering. They have also been known to randomly end friendship nastily only to try to repair them later.
I made Brian a sand which and he went all drama fag and threw it across the room because he didn't like the color of the plate I put it on.
by Crazyspirit October 23, 2007
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A straight male that loves chick flick shows/movies.
Timothee is such a drama fag watching “”This is Us” and “A Walk to Remember”.
by Changlife November 21, 2017
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A male who is in the drama club and just so happens to be really really gay. Not gay as in happy (although sometimes might be) but gay as in queer. Almost the same as an Emo, except emos aren't taking it up the shaft. Maaaaany women do not believe drama fags exist.

Also: May add "To the extreme" afterwards.
All guys: That dude anthony hernandez is such a drama fag.
Women: No, he's just an Emo.
All guys: No way, hes a drama fag to the extreme.
by lkjh March 30, 2006
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