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A person who has a layers of self created drama in their life
This drama cake has more going on than a Jerry Springer show
by Webstars2K September 15, 2016
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A word whose context can be used in multiple situations. Commonly used among teens with no better adjective to describe an uncomfortable situation. Also commonly used when girls (normally with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do)create drama for the fun of backstabbing their so called best friends. This is often called "baking dramacakes"
"That stupid girl just keeps baking dramacakes. Last night, she called everyone and told them that her best friend was pregnant. Today, she told me it was just a false alarm."

"When we were at the mall, all these kids started pushing each other and since we didn't know what to do, Sarah just screamed, STOP THE DRAMACAKES! and surprisingly, they stopped.
by Mariaa January 26, 2007
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