Mix Molly (MDMA) into your Lean (Promethazine-Codeine) and mix it up. Once dissolved you've created your Dragons Blood, get a double cup and enjoy.
Let's make some Dragon's Blood
by LongMoney December 18, 2016
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A burn mark caused by gunpowder. Is sometimes seen as a rite of passage to unexperienced shooters on which it happens to frequently.
You see that wound right there? Permanent dragon's blood stain from the first time I fired a thirty-eight.
by Amazing AO September 12, 2005
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Green dragon's blood is a substance brewed from moonshine and weed. it has the potential, if it's well made, to get you both high and drunk, or crunk, at the same time.
maaaan that green dragon's blood fucked us up.
by tdagarim July 30, 2010
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After having sex with a woman who is hard on her period (your balls are a bloody mess), stand next to the wall and smack your nuts into the wall, leaving a bloody print of a flying dragon.
I am sure she will be pissed off when she finds the blood dragon on her wall.
by Mobscenity October 21, 2014
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