To have breath that of which smells as if one has licked the butthole of a dead skunk for several hundred years.
Oh my god, have you smelled Alex's Dragon Breath... there aren't enough packs of gum on earth to help that!
by dakodiak January 5, 2009
The act of inhaling farts from a persons anus through your nose and blowing it out through your mouth and lighting it on fire.
by damagerx May 11, 2020
The act of inhaling a fart for the purpose of blowing it in someones face, or transporting the fart smell into another room so others not in the immediate area may enjoy.
1. Scott inhaled his fart and blew his rancid Dragon Breath right into my face.

2. Upon smelling my disgusting fart, Scott deemed it necessary to inhale it and transport the smell down the hall and blow his Dragon Breath into Marc's face so he could savor it.
by The Room Ruiner January 20, 2011
When it is so cold in/outside, you can see your breath, eg. Dragon Breath.
Person 1: Is it cold outside?
Person 2: Yeah, i've got dragon breath man.
by Andy2k11 December 19, 2010
"Hey Sara, *whisper whisper whisper*..."
"Dude, you have dragon breath. Here, want some gum?"
by Mien Kampf-the revised version November 28, 2015
1. farting in someone's mouth and then lite it while they blow out, through their nose or mouth.

2. when your breath smells so bad of fart that if you lit a match your breath would catch fire
dammit! tommy's got dragon breath, he threw up and didn't wash.

"quick! jimbo passed out, let's give him some magic dragon breath to wake him up!" - how they all laughed as they saw jimbo breath out fire!
by tampinhas07 February 18, 2008
When you jizz on your hand and then put it in your mouth and then spit it all over your partner
Dude I gave her a nice Dragon Breath last night
by Gettindatfosho December 27, 2017