The awkward sounding title of the remastered Dragon Ball Z series. They actually managed to keep their promise and cut the 291 episodes to 100 episodes to make it truer to the manga and (but mostly to) make a profit . People annoyed by drawn out battle sequences like spirit bomb charging see this as a gift from heaven. Due to changes in Japanese TV laws (I think) there is less blood and super violent scenes, but this also means the American version has less edits as well. New scenes and animation have been spliced into the original to make up for filler among other reasons. Some filler still exists in the new series b/c they couldn't condense the manga into a perfect 100 episodes.
Fan 1: OMG! Piccolo's blood is purple this time!
Fan 2: What blood! Raditz had a hole in his stomach and I saw no blood! Why does Piccolo have blood?!?

Fan 3: No filler! Dragon Ball Z Kai is so awesome!
Fan 4: Yeah there is!!! Right there! (Points to screen making permanent smudge on new tv) See it?
Guy: STFU!

Random Fan: Awesome fight! Perfect length! YES! (Jumps up and down and charges a kamehameha)
by shouldbesleepingguy October 23, 2010
A remastered HD recut of the Dragon Ball Z anime, with redone and improved dialogue, improved animation in some cases, a new soundtrack (although this was considered lackluster to many, resulting in projects featuring more familiar soundtracks from DBZ), and almost all of the filler that slowed down the pacing of the original show is cut out, resulting in 167 episodes instead of 291, with many scenes and events that notoriously took up several episodes (such as Goku running down Snake Way taking a full 12 episodes) compressed into fewer episodes. It is meant to be much closer to the original manga's pacing. It is considered by some to be the definitive DBZ experience, while original elitists consider it an abomination.
The 4Kids version of Dragon Ball Z Kai was heavily censored, with all swears, blood and a lot of the more violent scenes removed, along with ridiculous censors such as Mr. Popo being colored bright blue instead of normal black, and should not be considered the true DBZ Kai version.
by The Kek Kommando March 18, 2019