Dracula sneeze
"Covering one's mouth with the crook of one's elbow when sneezing, seen as similar to popular portrayals of the vampire Dracula, in which he hides the lower half of his face with a cape."
Landon shouted, "VAMPIRE!!!" "No, Dad," Eliot said, "that's just my Dracula Sneeze." "To keep from spreading the flu... Duh."

During a press conference on the H1N1 virus, Kathleen Sebelius reprimanded a member of the White House press corps after he sneezed into his hands.
by L3 January 13, 2010
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It's a common misconception that a Dracula Sneeze is the act of sneezing into your elbow pit, but this is not the case. A Dracula Sneeze is when a vampire sneezes, accidentally turning them into a bat.

Your friends probably have already caught on, before seeing this being that you don't show any skin in the sunlight due to burning, (which is why we only hangout with NonVamps (NVs) A.K.A. BloodBanks at night, and make up excuses like saying we're working when they ask to chill during the day.),

This is assuming that you aren't a darker-skinned female (or any skin tone, if done properly, and if you don't speak and are a shorter/slimmer male, the disguise can work as well.) that pretends to be a muslim and covers every inch of skin in fabric, known as Musliars, except it has no prevention from Dracula Sneezes. Not many fellow vampires are aware of this method due to the demographic that uses/invented it having a considerably small population in our community.

Unlike popular media portrays, transforming into a bat and back isn't something that's easily done on command, comparable to the difficulty of orgasming on command, which is also a way to turn, called a Draculasm Which is even harder to do to turn back, since the only practical way is to mate with another bat, vampire or not, and Draculasm. However, only another vampire can impregnate a female vamp.
Malicus: "Where's Eliza? It's time I tell her she's been my crush for 200 years"

Joe:"A month ago I saw her Dracula Sneeze in front of our NV group and fly off"
M:"Is she's okay?"
J: "She flew into a flight of bats so she's safe from preds"
M: "Well thank hell she's alright"
J:"I know ri-wait that's her!"
*Eliza walks in, derobing her musliar*
J:"Thank Hell you survived what happened? And Malicus has something to tell you after"
M:"Eliza you're okay!"
E: "I am! After I turned I grouped with bats led by a Fox Bat. I did what I had to with them except I didn't Draculasm which is what took so long.

E:I didn't know he was a Vamp. I should've when he told the other bats to join in. He said it would help. It didn't even when they were vamps. I never thought my first would be with bats"
J:"How did you turn back?"
E:"I flew into a dust storm and kept sneezing. I didn't know if I'd stop as a vamp or bat so i feel lucky not having to give birth as one"
J:"Where is the vamp?"
E: "They changed course as soon as they saw and flew away laughing"
J:"I'm so sorry"
E"Wild ride amirite? But the worst part was trying to stay out of the sun"
M: *mumbling*
E:"Wasn't there something you wanted to tell me? I love surprises!"
M: "Oh, I wanted to tell you that I uh had a, I"
*Malicus ran into the street immediately bursting into flaming guts, it being the middle of the day in the summer*
J: "All due to a measly Dracula Sneeze"
by 616Satan January 16, 2022
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3. when a woman queefs while on her period
Dracula Sneeze: i think you get the picture ;)
by TXsoldier429 December 3, 2010
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holding your arm up over your face in a position similar to Dracula holding up his cape and then sneezing into you elbow
Do to the H1N1 swine flu pandemic the Centers For Disease Control recommends using the Dracula sneeze technique to avoid spreading germs.
by Mr.Juan-derful January 13, 2010
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when u girl sucks your dick and makes it so hard she bit it off 12 times erased your mind let you think you were still getting sucked enough to get you to call her again and still say im leaving the dream when the conversation starts the first time
in italian like mix with spanish and something else voice "i fucking gave him the dracula sneeze 43 times and he call me 83 times"
by BlancoFamily January 15, 2022
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