when a man takes a picture of his genitalia and either shows it to his significant other via text, webcam or other digital means
Hey Mark, Steve just did the "drab" to his girlfriend like 5 minutes ago
by general dissarray November 24, 2010
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Frequenting prostitutes.

Etymology- originally drabbing, Shakespearean english
Laertes was off studying at a party school in France, and Polonius his father thought he was off drabbing.

Yo, servant I need you to discreetly spy on Laertes to see if he's been drabbing much.

Dude, I drabs all day erday.
by ShakeSocks December 8, 2011
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small amounts , usually added bit by bit over a long period of time
I plan to repay the whole debt with just dribs and drabs over the next two years.
by nick_g July 28, 2010
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A frumpy and repressive style of generally female garb influenced by former Soviet block and Middle Eastern countries, coupled with urban thrift store. A play on the word “olive drab.”
The dour appearance of female professional protesters/activists and those who embrace random trendy and ridiculous causes. A variation is “Solidarity Drag”, which pertains to the mimic in dress of those who are present at aforementioned causes only to date a participant.

A Goodwill shopper who isn't into cosplay.

The garb usually consists of: Head scarves, which always say oppression, no matter what. Black drapes. A randomly colorful and ugly accessory, such as fingerless gloves or a shawl, preferably both. Something obnoxiously political. Wool and canvas. More black.

A simile would be: "A depressingly colorful row of townhouses.”

An analogy would be: My girlfriend became an activist, now she looks like she's homeless.

Usage: A handful of activists in solidarity drab made an beleaguered attempt at civil disobedience.
by Pug Pug McPug November 19, 2013
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The lord of drab is one who does everything with too much drab. To conceal his drabness, a drab lord would accuse others of being drab. He may even pay designers vast amounts of money to create logos pinning such a notorious title on others.
Matt is the Drab Lord. He waters fake grass. He burns bbq. He drives a Honda Civic. He cheats at fantasy basketball.
by Good Looking Patton Oswalt September 7, 2019
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Kicking a drab is a phrase. 1) Passive Verb: A Hot Girl that the girls and guys both love. Kicking is Breaking off with a guy that is so much in love that he forgot that she (the offender in this case) never keeps the same guy after he really trusts her and his emotions are just as involved as her sex addiction. So kicking a drap is duo difinitive- the drab is her ex and only drab in her eyes, She gets what she wants,, but the futher detail is that she cannot go long without dick. So, "go for it james, she's kicking a drab. "having withdrawal symptoms from sex addiction make her ez prey for guys to tag when she's between boyfrinds; make her wait 4 days and she'll tag the whole team; but no body gets offended except the ONE TIME lover, who is encouraged by his freinds that played her addiction when she was kicking his drab. (or cuttin the drab" His buddies take vengence for his drap (depressed mood & Pissed) by grudge tapping and filling themself with their delight ignoring if she she gets off at all and takes her full circle so she feels used; even though she is the player. Friends survive; the ex cums right out of his depression seeing his friends defend him.

vernerable, for her own fault
Oh... shit,look, dude! Goldilocks is kicking a drab . She bitching her turf .... I'll be the jake (knowing nothing about the plan but participating in it) and you be the man....(she has to have you, she's vernerable, and I paying no attention to her, but she cant have you, yet she's not aware of that untill the last minute.

She cannot resist; she is "in sex withdrawal" (so nympho)and the 2 are buddies of joe boy! Double teaming grudge fuck. (the ex - their friend she just dropped without notice or warning; one who fell bad for her, knowing she repeats the same pattern, yet falling for her; now dazed and depressed, ...droped and putoff, Kicking a drab is like withdrawing from sex addiction. You are vernerable to manipulation. Yet, if she had not drop one of your frinds like trash, for no reason, she could not be kicking (dropping a friend with utter inconsideration, then hanging in the street to pickup a stanger so she don't look like such a slut) a drab...... she dropped joe, who she was steady for sex only, when HE was in love and she waited till he fell deep and that's why hes drap to be kicked. HE depressed and down. If shes Kicking a drab , then you are justified to play her; tag team at best.

My dawg,... listen up....... Jackie just dropped the bomb on Joe Boy and hes down bad and depressed, and pissed off most. That means that jackie is freaking out soon cause she so nympho - see if you can meet her at my empty apartment..... tonight..... then I'll show up while shes kicking a drab. Tite? Rite? Go? Sa deal....

c u k man. fukin' rith'
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