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Dr Emma Lynn Hews was a famous surgeon in the late 1960s based in Berkshire, England. She specialised in ankle surgery and was a founding member of the British Orthapedic Foot and Ankle Society (BOFAS).

Dr Hews has helped restore the performance of several high-profile athletes or other minor celebrities, but sprung to infamy after she incorrectly applied a controversial method of surgery resulting in exacerbating patients' conditions.

This unfortunate turn of events was picked up in slang in the 1970s such that her name was synonymous with doing something wrong, e.g. "You've made a right Dr. Hews of it".

There has been an amount of debate in English language circles regarding the use of a persons name in slang, and whether, based on context, the term shifts from a Special Noun to a Verb. This has caused confusion and argument in games such as Scrabble where Special Nouns are forbidden, but Verbs are not. In some environments 'DrHews' has therefore been used as a single word, but this is usually hotly contested, primarily as Dr is an abbreviation and should feature a full stop.
You can't use Dr Hews in Scrabble!
by BoneMender July 13, 2011
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Dr Hews was an ankle surgeon in the 1200's from Derby. He was well known for making common mistakes during ankle surgery.

This then lead to the term being used as an example of when somebody has messed something up or done something wrong.
He has made a bit of a Dr. Hews of that situation
by The Ankle Man July 14, 2011
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