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A hand gesture used by members of the Occupy Wall Street movement to indicate their disapproval of whatever a speaker has just said. The fingers of both hands are pointed down and vibrated back and forth.
The speaker began ranting about self-reliance and assuming responsibility for one's own condition. Down Twinkles on that from OWS!
by PBSPinchback November 04, 2011
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Generic sign language gesture in which both hands are extended forward with fingers pointing down and softly flagellated (i.e. twinkled). Indicates general disapproval. This is the negative corollary to "twinkle fingers", an indication of support. Both gestures were popularized during the "Occupy" protest movement of 2011.
Man that's idiotic. Serious down twinkle dood.
by Optiongeek October 26, 2011
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