Many people living in Northern Ireland refer to places across the Irish border as " down South." Ireland consists of thirty two counties. Northern Ireland is known as The Six Counties and the remaining twenty six counties are now known as Ireland. People who do not live in one of the thirty two counties of Ireland have difficulty understanding the Irish situation.
When the new International Rugby season commences many people from Northern Ireland head Down South to Dublin to watch the matches at Lansdowne Road.
by Criostoir Hulme September 12, 2005
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Term used by Northern New Jersey males between 18-45 when describing a trip to Atlantic City to drink, gamble, and go to strip clubs. This term is primarily used around girlfriends and wives, to disguise the true nature of the trip.

Also known as "Exit 38", the exit on the Garden State Parkway for the Atlantic City Expressway.
Big Jimmy: Hey, what time you wanna go down south tonite?
Little Jimmy: We'll leave around 7:30.
Big Jimmy's Wife: What's down south?
Big Jimmy: Hey, what do you care? Now make me a sangwich.
by pctfitz June 09, 2005
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My friend just got a 70 on his OSCP, he's really far down south
by Cooctus December 22, 2020
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