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Douglas Preston is a writer who was born in 1956. Since then he has written a number of thrillers with his writing partner Lincoln Child, including a series about a detective named Pendergast, and the first of a new series about a detective named Giddeon Crew. He has had a couple of his novels made into movies, including his novel 'Relic', a novel about a monster let loose in the Museum of Natural History. His recent non-fiction novel called 'The Monster of Florence', about a serial killer in Italy, will be made into a movie starring George Clooney who will play Doug.

Douglas has also made numerous appearances on various talk-shows, vouching for the innocence of Amanda Knox, an American exchange student who was convicted of murder in Italy. The same judge Mignini (the judge who convicted her) accused him of being an accessory to murder after Doug criticized the Italian police in his book 'The Monster of Florence'. Since he had absolutely no evidence to support his false claims, he had to let Douglas go.
Douglas Preston is the most awesome thriller writer of the decade.
by Gonzo666 March 19, 2011
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