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An alcoholic drink known for it's "fresh" taste and for it's ability to get you drunk quick.

Originally popularized at Friday's restaurants in the San Diego, Ca area.

Consists of a long island with Champaign and redbull added on top.
by AndersSlayer February 06, 2011
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An alternative to the word "nigger" to use when black people are within earshot and one does not want to get confronted and mugged.
"Hide your wallet bro, Dougie is coming this way."
"Looks like Dougie just got short-changed at KFC, better not make eye contact."
by Earnest Smithington February 02, 2012
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More commonly known in society as a "dougie lump", dougie is a slang and derogatory term for the man-nugget which infests itself in the human gut for several days before torpedoing out of the anus.

It's pungence is often stomach churning with it's appearance more often than not in a solid form, ranging from a deep walnut shade to a more golden harvest tone.
"I'll be back in ten sweetheart, I'm just going to drop Dougie off at the pool"
by La Hamshank February 20, 2013
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A dougie is a huge mistake, a piece of shit, or a thing that sucks massively.*

*Inspired by the shitty song Teach Me How To Dougie, which has an overly simple beat and is done by a group called Cali Swag District who sounds high as proverbial shit. They should be called High as Balls No-Swag District.

Furthermore, Teach Me How To Jerk by Audio Push is legit.
Lola: "Oooh, girl, I went to get my nails did and the bitch messed dem up and now my nails look like some fuckin' dougies."

MoReen: "Damn, that is some dougie shit!"
by IKnowFresh June 30, 2010
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