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Anything that is fresher than japanese sushi and fatter than John Belushi.

According to Kanye West, anything dougie fresh must have a "swagger" of atleast a hundred, thousand trillion. Thusly lames like Justin Bieber or that bitch that died at EDC and fucked shit up for future generations will not be considered "dougie Fresh."

CesR .818.
Aye I was at this party lookin dougie fresh right, and this girl just started unbuttoning my shirt.
by CesR 818 July 25, 2010
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An awkward mammal who enjoys getting blitzed off SoCo then dancing/making out with everything in the area.
Dougie Fresh pulled the roommate switch. How does he do it?
by C-Fly December 28, 2004
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When one who is male pulls out of the backside of a female then receives oral sex
Man did you see Dex last night. Him and his girl went buck nasty, directly thereafter he gave her the dougie fresh
by Jared Steen November 18, 2007
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A stud who hits bombs for the Boston Red Sox. Also the pocket hand 2 8 in holdem poker.
Person A.) Wow, Dougie Fresh is just hit a bomb.
Person B.) Yeah and he is a stud.


Mark - Wow I just got Dougie Fresh, I am pushing all in.
by E. Slater May 01, 2006
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